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2018 Speaking & Selling Events

February 10  **  Catholic Women’s Club of Janesville, WI Annual Retreat – Speaker  (Janesville, WI)

February 28  **  St. John Neumann –  Journaling Prayer Workshop  (St. Charles, IL)

April 21  **  Catholic Women’s Conference – Vendor Market  (Michigan City, IN)

November 5  **  Women of Christ Conference – Vendor Market  (West Bend, WI)



2017 Speaking & Selling Events

November 4  **  Women of Christ Conference – Vendor Market  (West Bend, WI) 

October 21  **  St. Joseph Parish Annual Women’s Retreat at Camp Gray  (Baraboo, WI)

September 15-17  **  Sacred Intercession Prayer Retreat  in Trinidad Tobago

June 9-11  **  Sacred Intercession Prayer Retreat – Rachel’s Vineyard of Madison (Durward’s Glenn – Baraboo, WI)

February 28  **  St. Mary’s Journaling Prayer Workshop  (Huntley, IL)

January 28  **  Church of the Holy Apostles Journaling Prayer Workshop  (McHenry, IL)

January 14 **  St. James Journaling Prayer Workshop  (Arlington Heights, IL)



Sacred Intercession PRAYER Retreat!


Contact Julie to customize a retreat schedule to meet your group’s needs from half day to full weekend.  Retreat experience can include each attendee receiving a prayer journal Retreats can include the price.

Sample Information:

A Women’s Retreat:  “I am the Vine, you are the branches”.  -John 15:5

An Invitation to Intimacy & Intercession

 Growing in PRAYER can be an exciting adventure when we say YES to the invitation of abiding in Christ and growing in prayer.   The most important thing we can do for our spiritual life is to have a daily personal prayer life.  A prayer life that goes beyond our personal petitions and devotions and moves us toward a personal relationship with God.  A prayer life that is rooted in scripture and bears the fruit of intercessory prayer.

For some of us, having an active prayer life, talking with God and offering prayers of intercession is as easy as breathing … it happens almost effortlessly.  For others, we find ourselves easily distracted by the busyness of life and we need a little more instruction, inspiration and structure to help us make the commitment to prayer.  

  • Do you desire a refreshed or deeper prayer life?
  • Do you yearn for more of God? To remain connected to Him?
  • Do you have a desire to pray more effectively for loved ones, but find yourself at loss for words?

If so, plan to join us!   We will discuss the importance of personal prayer and how it differs from the ‘work of prayer’.  Together we will experience praying with scripture using the Lectio Divina method, and we’ll discuss how journaling prayer and praying with scripture can become the pathway toward intimacy with God and a powerful way to intercede for family and friends.  No matter where you are on your journey of faith and prayer, this retreat will encourage spiritual growth and new prayer practices using God’s Word.

Presentation Topics (For a 4 hour retreat)

  • Importance of Daily Prayer and Growing in Intimacy With God
  • Praying With Scripture Lectio Divina Explained and Experienced
  • Journaling Prayer / Choosing a Word for the Year
  • Healing Prayer –Praying With Scripture to Intercede For Family & Friends

Growing in intimacy with God and living a life of prayer and intercession is the focus of this interactive retreat experience.   We’ll be using the Sacred Intercession Prayer Journal throughout the retreat as together we experience the power of praying God’s Word through Lectio Divina and Healing Prayer.   Learn how combining faith, life and prayer through journaling can not only enrich your prayer life, but also your relationship with God.  I’ll share my own personal tips on how to make the most of your journal.    All attendees will receive one Sacred Intercession Prayer Journal to use and take home with them.



JOURNAL WORKSHOP: New Year-New Prayer Life

Sample Journaling Prayer Workshop:

Do you already have a Sacred Intercession Prayer Journal?   Great!  Bring your Journal!!  This is the event to get tips and inspiration, as well as spark your creativity!

Interested, but don’t yet have the Journal?  No problem – attend and you can purchase the journal at the event.

This interactive workshop is designed to encourage, inspire and experience journaling prayer and how it can help you draw closer to God, hear His voice and provide a framework for intercession.  Come and learn how to make the most of the Sacred Intercession Prayer Journal as author and creator, Julie Rudnick, shares her own experiences of prayer, journaling tips and how to use scripture to pray for the healing of self and loved ones.

What’s your WORD this year?  Learn the benefit of choosing a Word for the year that can become your focus for prayer and hearing the Lord’s Voice.  This will also be the focus of our creative journaling by expressing this Word on a 6 x 6 canvas with paint and embellishments.

Do you have a Life Verse?   One that resonates so deeply with your spirit that it becomes an anchor for your life, journey and/or purpose?  Learn how journaling with scripture can deepen your relationship with God.

While we’ll spend time discussing personal prayer and how it relates to our relationship with God, we will also get creative by using simple canvas and paint to express our faith journey.   (No prior painting experience required!)


2016 Speaking & Selling Events

December 15, 2016 ** St. Anne’s Grace Group – Event Speaker  (Kenosha, WI)

December 13, 2016  **  St. Mary’s Advent Reflection – Event Speaker  (Huntley, IL)

December 2, 2016 ** St. Walter’s Advent Tea – Event Speaker  (Roselle, IL)

November 5, 2016 **  Women of Christ Conference – West Bend, WI  (vendor market)

February 20-21, 2016  **  Sacred Intercession Prayer Retreat at Durward’s Glen Retreat Center – Baraboo, WI

January 23, 2016  **  Journal Workshop – McHenry, IL




The Sacred Intercession Prayer Journal has led me to reflect on my life and question if I give enough of my time and energy to my relationship with Jesus. It keeps me on the path to continue to deepen and strengthen that relationship.

– Marie Z. | Port Washington, WI