the Author

My name is Julie Rudnick, and I am a first-time author and creator of the Sacred Intercession Prayer Journal. I have a passion for prayer and the desire to encourage others to “live an interceding life”, by living a life of faith powered by prayer. I have founded Interceding Life Ministries, Ltd. – a ministry devoted to bringing God’s love, words and reality to others through healing prayer. The Sacred Intercession Prayer Journal is the ministry’s first assignment from the Lord. As a co-leader of the Sword of the Spirit Intercessory Prayer Ministry at St. Patrick Church in Wadsworth, IL, I also serve the Lord as a Prayer Warrior – sharing the gift of prayer and lifting up to heaven the needs of others. And as a Catholic woman on the journey of faith and prayer, I have spent the last 30+ years balancing my role as wife, mother, ministry leader and full-time marketing communications professional. Within these responsibilities, I continually strive to seek God’s face and make prayer an active part of daily life.

My Journey

Many discoveries take place along the journey of faith. One great discovery for me has been the power of praying God’s Word for my family and friends. Feeling His Word rise up within me as I pray for the needs of those I love has been a remarkable discovery, as well as experiencing the magnitude of His Love. Praying His Word has not only deepened my faith, but has given me the confidence, trust and knowing that my heart and spirit are united to Jesus when I pray.

My journey is an ordinary one … that continues to evolve as I fulfill my role as a child of God, a wife, a mother of two grown children and their spouses, grandmother and a full-time marketing communications professional working in the demanding, fast-paced corporate world. My journey has been about discovering who I am as a child of God, discovering His intense love for me and rediscovering the depth and beauty of my Catholic faith as an adult. And my journey would not be complete without the everyday encounter of Jesus through prayer, through His Words in sacred scripture; my encounter of His loving embrace at retreats and conferences; and encountering His healing touch every time I pray and seek to understand and learn more about intercessory healing prayer.

You see, I am not a theologian, a gifted writer, or a professional speaker. I’m a woman on the journey of faith, a woman who thirsts and hungers to know my Creator and Savior personally; a woman who the Lord has touched and placed a special call on my heart to make my faith real by living a life of prayer and to help others discover the power, depth and knowledge of living an interceding life… a life anchored in prayer and available to serve Him.

My Mission

Today, the Lord is calling me to step out of my comfort zone… I feel Him urging me to grow in my knowledge of prayer and intercession and to write, to speak and to help others on their journey of faith. The Sacred Intercession Prayer Journal is the result of sharing a life of prayer with 5 ordinary women, each of whom, in their own unique way, have gifted me with their love, friendship and prayers.  I handmade journals for my little prayer group so that together we could ‘soak’ in loving prayer the family, friends and strangers who were in need of Jesus’ healing touch. We made a commitment to pray for their needs each day, having placed each name(s) in a calendar for each day of the week. Together we prayed scripture, began to see our prayer lives deepen and experienced more and more answered prayer! Soon after, the Sacred Intercession Prayer Journal was birthed. I answered the call and said “yes” to the mission and work of prayer.

Prayer is my passion! Prayer is my mission!


This journal is beautifully crafted end-to-end and cholk-full of scriptural prayers and tools to help the faithful build a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus. A few tools/sections in the journal I love using are selecting “Word” for the year, “Lord of My Life” and “Who am I in God’s Eyes”. These sections give you an opportunity to reflect on not only where you are in your faith and relationship with Jesus, but force you to get honest with yourself and reflect on how God sees you.

– Lisa F. | Antioch, IL