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Know The “3 C’s” To Successful Daily Prayer!

Are you preparing to renew the commitment to daily prayer for the coming year?


There are three  C’s  that  will help you be successful with your renewed commitment:

1.       Be Creative

2.       Be Consistent

3.       Be in Conversation

Creativity … Prepare a sacred space where the rushing and distractions can be set aside.    Bring along a candle, flowers, bible, a devotional, your journal, and colored pens to write with.

Consistency …  You’ve made the commitment – now you need to ‘show-up’.   Try to choose a consistent time each day to be with the Lord – make it part of your daily routine.  Most of us don’t leave the house without brushing our teeth … don’t leave the house or start your day without spending time in prayer.

Conversation …  Enjoy being in the presence of the Almighty God and converse with Him.  Prayer is our conversation and relationship with God.  And part of being in relationship with someone means we talk AND we “listen”.  Be sure to allow time to just be and listen.

Try to PREPARE & Look ahead … Because there will always be more places to go … more things to do … more words to say.   Prepare to make the daily commitment and make prayer your anchor.

Prepare your sacred space.

Prepare to use the Sacred Intercession Prayer Journal.

It’s going to be a year of deepening faith and prayer!

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I absolutely love this journal. I’ve never been one to write in a journal but for 3 years now I have bought the Sacred Intersession Prayer Journal. I don’t always use it as much as I think I should but, it is always there for me when I feel like writing down who I promised to pray for. I love the scripture prayers that are all ready to use.

– Christine P. | Beach Park, IL